la grande école
in 2012, the quebec government decided to cut university funding, resulting in exorbitant spikes in tuition fees. this sparked a province-wide protest movement from which la grande école was born.
presented as an outdoor public classroom in front of the université du québec à montréal, this politically charged intervention is a manifesto reflecting the belief that higher education is a fundamental right rather than a privilege and should be freely accessible to those who seek it. the project gives downtown city-dwellers and students a completely public and accessible place for holding classes, lectures, and politicized performances normally constricted within the walls of the university.
a second edition of la grande école, installed in a vacant lot in the middle of downtown montreal, included a large video installation showcasing the legacy of the rapport parent, the seminal 1963 report responsible for the democratisation of education in quebec. this project was done in collaboration with jonathan nesci and les éclaireurs.